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Bent Penis Treatment

Since the cause of bent penis (Peyronies disease) is different from one man to another and in some cases an improvement without treatment is experienced, the initial therapeutic recommendation is to wait and see what happens. For this purpose, the evolution of the plaque, curvature of the penis and erectile function are checked periodically for about 12 months before the treatment is considered. Some treatments may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in the patient.

Non-surgical methods

If Peyronie’s disease does not improve without treatment, the use of some of the following may be tried:

Vitamin E: Research has shown improvement in the disease when vitamin E is administered orally, although efficacy has not been demonstrated in controlled clinical studies. 

Intralesional injections: Medications can be injected directly into the inside of the plate. For example collagenase, verapamil or other calcium antagonists. These drugs try to destroy the deposits of scar tissue to return it to normal. For this, several injections are administered for a period of up to three months. Its effectiveness is variable. Intralesional injections of corticosteroids, such as cortisone, have produced important side effects in healthy tissues of the penis.

Surgical methods

If there is no improvement with medical treatments or if the curvature of the penis persists, you can opt for surgery. It is usually indicated when the aesthetic aspect of the penis is unacceptable, when the intercourse is painful or there is a poor-quality erection. Surgery is often effective in restoring a normal erection, although each method can produce undesirable side effects such as partial loss of erection or shortening of erection penis length.

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