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Vaginal Rejuvenation

There is no doubt that aesthetic procedures in gynecology are causing more and more concern in patients, who come to consult with questions about this increasingly publicised topic.

The appearance of female sexual organs and sexual health are problems that women have faced in silence for years, and they are still not spoken to in families because they consider it a taboo topic. Fortunately, they can find a solution today thanks to the technological advances that allow a vaginal rejuvenation with laser surgery by correcting the muscle relaxation of the vagina and improve sexual satisfaction in women.
According to experts, this procedure has emerged from the same patients who reported dissatisfaction in their sexual intercourses, due to not feeling the same, either after having children, because of excess weight or because of age.
Vaginal relaxation is quite common. According to statistics, millions of women suffer from this problem. In the past, everything was limited to Kiegel’s pelvic-muscular exercises, but it did not helped many patients.

Laser surgery now offers an option to give a vaginal rejuvenation. The technique involves to use the laser to reapproximate the muscles in such a way that we decrease the internal and external diameter of the vagina, and we strengthen the perineal body.

In other words, what is created is a narrower vagina so that the woman has greater sexual satisfaction; that means that has more sensitivity in that area and achieve better tone, strength, and control. There is an increase in sexual satisfaction because there is more friction.

It is relevant to mention that the vagina is not rejuvenated, with these techniques the complement of the anatomical and functional restitution of the pelvic floor and its organs is performed.

Those who will benefit from these procedures are patients with congenital, multiparous or disfiguring defects.

At Harley Street Hospital, we have the best doctors who are trained to perform this surgical technique. Book a consultation to get a specialist´s opinion.

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