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Well Woman Check

There are many diseases that can be cured if they are detected early.  For this reason, it is of vital importance to carry out the
corresponding medical check-ups, according to the age and the risk factors that patients have.
A routine gynecological examination should be performed for the following reasons:
• Detect health problems focused on gynecology, including breast diseases and cervical, uterus or womb lesions.
• Evaluate the risk factors that can develop diseases in the female genitals or breast.
• Monitor health changes through time.
• Provide advice on contraceptive methods if the patient requests it.
• Promote and provide teachings about their well-being and habits for good health.

Who should take a gynecological routine exam?
• Women should start to perform their gynecological exams at 18 years old or when they begin their sex life.
• When there are alterations in the menstrual cycle.
• Those women who have family history in first grade of breast cancer, that is, mother or sister.
• Preconceptional exam, that means, before getting pregnant.

Below, we give you a guide with the routine gynecological exams required for every woman:

Gynecological control
All women of childbearing age or with alterations in menstrual periods should be monitored once a year. This should continue after menopause.
In this control, risk factors, the patient’s menstrual history,
your sex life in terms of age at start and number of partners, among other important aspects.

It serves to detect early breast cancer and must be performed annually starting at 40 years old. A woman with a background of
relatives with breast cancer must undergo more rigorous control, which implies an early review.

Transvaginal ultrasound
This test is done with the objective of evaluating specifically uterus and ovaries. It’s not performed routinely, its periodicity will depend on the symptoms or findings.

Vaginal cytology
This exam is aimed at detecting very early precancerous lesions in the cervix. It is recommended to do this examination every year or earlier if in the result of the previous cytology presented some alteration.

Bone densitometry
It is advisable to evaluate the state of the bones, especially of those women who are in the stage of menopause. If the results are normal, it is recommended to repeat it every two or three years.

At Harley Street Hospital, we have recognized doctors who can perform well woman checks. Book an appointment with us to stay healthy.

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