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Ovarian Cysts Treatment

A cyst is the accumulation of fluid inside or adjacent to an ovary.  Most ovarian cysts are functional, that means they disappear without treatment. These originate because during the menstrual cycle the growth of the dominant follicle occurs which, at the moment of ovulation, breaks down to release the ovule. In certain cases, the follicle may not rupture with the consequent retention of follicular fluid that will result in the formation of an ovarian cyst. In the following menstrual cycles, these cysts will disappear. ovarian cyst treatment

In most cases, the cysts do not produce any type of symptoms. Sometimes they can cause pain in the lower abdomen or menstrual irregularities, or pain with intercourse in case the cyst is large-sized.


Most of the time it is diagnosed in a routine gynecological examination by means of an ultrasound.
On other occasions, the ovarian cyst is discovered during abdominal surgery that is performed for some other reason.
Depending on the nature of the cyst, your doctor may request a complementary test such as a blood test (to determine tumor markers or hormonal analysis) or Doppler ultrasound (this is similar to the one performed routinely, with the difference that you can better see the vessels blood cells that reach the cyst). ovarian cyst treatment ovarian cyst treatment


Functional cysts do not merit any type of treatment because they usually disappear on their own in the following cycles. Your doctor will probably perform a new ultrasound in the next 3-6 months to see if it has disappeared. Treatment with contraceptive pills will not make the cyst disappear but helps to prevent the appearance of new cysts.
In the event that your cyst does not disappear, controls will be carried out (between 6-12 months) to assess its growth. If it remains stable and its characteristics are benign and do not produce any symptoms, no treatment is necessary, given that the simple benign cysts and their risk of malignization is very low.
If there was a rapid growth or if it was not a cyst of benign characteristics, the treatment of choice is surgery.

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