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Day Surgery Spinal Disc Replacement

Low back pain can affect us all. Its importance is directly related to its frequency and intensity.  Isolated episodes of pain are usually associated with various causes: after unusual physical exertion, for example. If the pain is frequent and its intensity increases, the problem is more serious.

Being overweight, the absence of regulated physical activity and the lack of knowledge about postural hygiene are risk factors for mild low back pain to become a serious health problem.

It should be noted that low back pain can be due to several physical factors: the state of the musculature, the integrity of the vertebrae and fundamentally, the quality of the intervertebral disc.


About the spinal discs

Discs are basically structures made up of liquid. They have two well-defined components: the external part (fibrous ring) and contained by this is the nucleus pulposus, the extrusion of which forms a herniated disc. The discs are pads located between the vertebrae. The discs, the musculature, the ligaments and a part of the vertebrae called the articular processes are key structures to explain the flexibility and movement of our spine in general.

The cause of low back pain in regards to the intervertebral disc stems from dehydration and loss of the nucleus pulposus.


Degenerative disc disease

When obvious dehydration of the disc is diagnosed we go on to name the disease as degenerative disc disease. This pathology can present various degrees of evolution and cause low back pain.

When the patient presents with progressive low back pain, he usually has an inability to carry on a normal life. It is one of the most frequent causes of sick leave, poor physical performance and dependence on pain relievers.

The appropriate diagnosis of this disease can lead us to indicate conservative treatments and potentially surgical treatments that can range from local treatments (infiltrations, facet rhizolysis, nucleoplasties) to surgical treatments, either by immobilizing the affected disc by applying screws and bars, until the total replacement of the disc by a mobile prosthesis.

Lumbar disc arthroplasty consists of removing the diseased disc and replacing it with a mechanical one, without altering the mobility of the spine and preserving the normality of the other discs.


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At Harley Street Hospital, a spinal disc replacement can be performed as day surgery. It can provide us with great results due to the following factors:

-Top surgeons specialized in these procedures.

-Advanced anaesthetic techniques (we avoid general anaesthesia, using sedation and local anaesthesia only).

-Minimally invasives procedures which diminish the damage to different structures.

-Better pain management techniques.

-Professional healthcare staff focused on enhanced recovery.


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