Thigh & Arm Lift Surgery

A considerable loss of weight or the consequences of ageing can cause an irreversible loss of elasticity in the skin, causing unsightly sagging or the appearance of loose skin.
The most affected areas, both in men and women, are usually the arms, thighs and abdomen.
Severe flaccidity is a problem whose only solution is usually surgical, removing excess skin.
The plastic surgeon is the most qualified to carry out this type of procedure, guaranteeing the safety of the procedure and the best result.


What is Thigh & Arm Lift Surgery?

Brachioplasty or arm lifting is a surgical technique that involves removing excess skin and fat from the inside of the arms. While the thigh lift consists of performing the same operation but on the inner side of the thighs.

There are different techniques depending on the individual morphology of each patient and the amount of skin to be resected. It is also common to combine this type of intervention with different liposuction techniques to achieve a better result.


The objective of both surgeries is to reshape the silhouette and achieve more stylized and firmer arms and thighs.



The results of the brachioplasty and the thigh lift will be definitive and evident once the recovery time has passed, which is usually about 6 weeks minimum.

Swelling and bruising are normal, and you may have a burning or tight feeling. These are surgeries that always leave a scar, but these will be performed in strategic areas so that they are hidden.


Cases in which it is recommended

Brachioplasty and Thigh Lift are surgeries that are performed, both in men and women, that present the following situations:

-Excess skin (sagging) on ​​the inner arms and thighs after weight loss.
-Special situations of lipodystrophy with excess skin.


thigh lift surgery


Preoperative indications

It is essential to carry out a preoperative study before any cosmetic surgery.


Postoperative indications

In the most immediate postoperative period, a special elastic band or compression stockings will be placed to control the inflammation and to help the skin adapt to the new contour.
Scars are inevitable, but they will be strategically placed so that they can be hidden. It is essential to follow the postoperative indications for a correct recovery and optimal result.
The first days are usually the most annoying, but with prescribed medication and relative rest, they are relieved. After surgery, you can return to work in a few weeks, depending on the activity you do.



Even being very controlled surgeries and with minimal risks, there are certain contraindications. We can mention the following:

-Febrile states and acute infectious processes that are in progress when treatment is desired.

-Active oncological process or with a state of immunosuppression.

-If the patient has received radiotherapy in the operated area.

-If the patient is breastfeeding or postpartum.

-Obese patients.



Thanks to a highly qualified team and first-class hospital facilities, surgery is a very safe process where the risks are minimal. Still, as with any intervention, there are some risks:

-Hematoma, bleeding, infection, deep vein thrombosis.

-Poor healing.

-Greater risks in smoking patients.

-Changes in the sensitivity of the intervened areas.


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