Stem cells/regenerative therapy

Stem cells are powerful, universal repair cells hidden throughout the body. In the last 10 years, medical research have discovered ever more accessible ways to harvest and enrich stem cells throughout the body. Where previously, they had to be harvested from bone marrow (via inserting painful needles in the pelvis), we now have the technology extract, enrich and enhance stem cells from various areas, such as fat under the skin!

Image result for spine stem cellsStem cells are automatically recruited by the body to repair damaged tissues. Research on injecting large numbers of stem cells in damaged tissues have shown promise in reducing inflammation, pain and faster recovery.

While cortisone, ozone and laser are very useful in removing damaged, extruded/bulging disc fragments to stop them from irritating nerves, they are unable to address the underlying degeneration of discs that come inevitably from the loss of disc material in a disc prolapse, or simple aging of the body. Stem Cells and various naturally derived growth/repair factors, such as platelet lysate hold much promise in being able to slow down the inevitable degeneration of spinal discs, and may even be able to reverse some of these changes, leading to a healthier, younger disc.

At the Harley Street Hospital, London Spine Unit, we combine pioneering regenerative treatment of the spine with therapeutic interventions so not only do patients have immediate relief of their symptoms, but also long-term preservation of their spinal health.