Penis Enlargement

The perception of some patients towards their genitals has an important function on their sexual identity, self-esteem, and quality of life.
In recent years, surgery to increase penis size has become a
relatively common practice, especially in the private area. Even so, this procedure is not standardized, which leads to a large number of interventions with poorly documented results.
Nowadays urologists and plastic surgeons have well-established surgical techniques that improve the aesthetic appearance, length, and thickness of the penis and scrotum; However, the reasons for the patient to be subjected to this type of procedure should always be studied, in addition to psychiatric evaluation care prior to any intervention and offer a clear explanation of the expected real results.

Preoperative evaluation
To select a patient for surgery, multidisciplinary treatment is necessary and perform: clinical history, physical examination, serum hormonal determinations; complete psychiatric and psychosexual evaluation and application of the APPSSI questionnaire (Augmentation Phalloplasty Patient Selection and Satisfaction Inventory).
Before performing any phalloplasty procedure, which implies an increase in genitals, it is important to discuss and document the goals that the patient seeks to obtain.
Several methods have been developed for the selection of these patients and among the most studied is the application of the APPSSI questionnaire. Its purpose is to perform a quantitative assessment of the severity of the condition and the desire of the patient to undergo an elongation surgery of the penis, in addition to an evaluation number related to the postoperative result.
So far there is no conclusive information on the complications related to surgery for lengthening or widening the penis.

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