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Non-Emergency Surgery at The Harley Street Hospital

The NHS has contracted Independent Hospitals with Ward and Theatre capacity to support the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Harley Street Hospital is a bespoke ambulatory surgery unit that does not accommodate routine inpatient stay. We are therefore not a part of the NHS Contract and will provide non-emergency surgery.

NHS England have recommended that 70 to 80% of elective surgery should be performed in Ambulatory centres. The Harley Street Hospital has bespoke facilities and specialise in Day Surgery procedures. Our specialists will be able to offer you remote consultations by phone or video link. We also are able to offer consultations and treatments  with patients (under strict Covid-19 measures) in our clinic on Harley Street who require essential medical services such as pain management, spinal conditions, opthalmology, urology, diagnostics, musculoskeletal conditions.

We continue to follow Public Health England guidelines on keeping patients and staff safe by following social distancing, cleanliness and protective clothing measures.

We undertake Covid-19 PCR swab testing for patients undergoing surgery and check the immunity of patients and staff as required.

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