Day Surgery Package Price

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Fixed Price Package

Why choose us:
1. Consultant level care every time
2. Flexible appointments to suit you
3. No waiting lists or long delays
4. Comprehensive service
5. No Hidden Costs

We have a team of Consultant Surgeons, Consultant Radiologists and Anaesthetists who provide a comprehensive service for patients.
You will be offered an appointment at the earliest convenient date for you. We can do Remote Video Consultations.

During your initial consultation, you will be seen by a specialist, who is specifically trained and has experience of performing this procedure. You will be able to explain your medical history and any concerns you might have with the surgeon who would be performing the Surgery.

Your consultant will discuss with you if they feel any further diagnostic tests such as scans or blood tests are needed. They may also suggest other treatment pathways such as physiotherapy which works in conjunction with or acts as an alternative treatment method.

We work with all known insurance companies and offer competitive self-pay prices if you do not have health insurance.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Fixed Price Package
Includes 1st Consultation, follow up consultation, Hospital, Surgeon and Anaesthetic Fees. DayCase Procedure in Hospital by Consultant Hand Specialist. No Hidden Costs
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