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Eye Clinic

Our Eye Specialists are leaders in the techniques of least invasive eye surgery. All of our eye surgeons are fully accredited specialists registered with the UK General Medical Council, and hold substantive lead NHS consultant posts, bringing a breadth of expertise and dedication to the maintenance of vision and ophthalmology. We do not use lesser qualified doctors, nor opticians or technicians – our Ophthalmologist will be with you for all your eye treatments, throughout all your care.

Eye Clinic Services

Our skilled surgeons will ensure that you get the most modern treatment on offer for your cataract problems. Contact us to consult with our expert team and schedule your cataract surgery today,

Multifocal Lens Implant

With the latest advances in technology, coupled with skillful surgery, we deliver the best possible vision for enjoying everyday activities, without depending on contact lenses, or glasses. Whether you want freedom from glasses, for reading, computer work, or even driving, it is now possible to get personalised full-range vision to match your unique lifestyle.

Advanced Treatment for Macular Degeneration

Our Medical Retina Experts are at the forefront of many research trials that are undertaken each year in London. Our ongoing commitment to the research and development of new technologies allows our ophthalmologists to skillfully handle the treatment of many retinal conditions in the best way possible.

Regenerative and Stem Cell Service

Disorders or diseases of the eye occur when one or more of these components is damaged, and/or stops working properly. Different disorders develop depending upon which component(s) are not working. The difficulty in treating these problems is that, unlike the electronic parts of a camera, new biological components for the eye are not easy to obtain. This is where stem cell technology may be of use. Stem cells can act as a source of new, healthy specialized cells and may provide a way to replace damaged cells in the eye. There are several types of stem cells that could be used in different ways, depending upon the particular disorder to be treated.

Equipment and Lens Diagnostics

Our investment in technology shows no limits and we will ensure you have access to all the latest and most sophisticated tests, keeping our promise to deliver the finest care possible. We have in-house ultrasounds and retinal/glaucoma scans, all with the most up to date diagnostics.

Bulging eye

The medical term for bulging eye is exophthalmia. It is defined as the propulsion of the eyeball notably from the cavity where it is located. It is

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Ptosis is defined as the situation in which the upper eyelid descends with respect to the normal position or with respect to that of the

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What is a stye?

A stye is defined as a red, swollen bulge at the eyelid edge originated by an infection of glands. There are no statistics that indicate a predilection

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Bloodshot eye

The red eye is a very common problem that can be caused by several causes. It can be, for example, bleeding in the conjunctiva or

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Discharge from Eyes

Ocular secretion is a fluid composed of mucus, oil, skin cells and other waste accumulated in the inner corner of the eye. Normally this secretion

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Amblyopia (lazy eye)

Generally, amblyopia manifests in only one eye, although it can affect both and is usually caused by the lack of adequate visual stimulation during the

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