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Book an Appointment with Family doctor GP

For appointments at the Harley Street Hospital (19 Harley Street, W1G 9QJ)

Telephone:     +44 (0) 8445892610 (Monday to Friday 9-6pm)

 For urgent home visits only on evenings and weekends subject to Dr Tawfik’s availability. Dr Tawkif will provide a mobile number.

Email:             gp@theharleystreethospital.co.uk

Visit:               The Harley Street Hospital
                        19 Harley Street
                         W1G 9QJ

  • Initial consultation (approximately 30 minutes) – cost £250
    • This is the recommended consultation if you are seeing Dr Tawfik for the first time.
    • This consultation is a time to gather information about your medical background, the current medication you are taking, and your current medical health. He will generate a list of issues that need addressing and carry out any necessary examinations.
    • An action plan will be made including any medical investigations, medication adjustments, and any specialty referrals.

It is up to you whether you wish to carry out further investigations at the time. Shortly after the consultation, you will receive my report outlining his recommendations so that it can be reviewed at any point in the future.

  • Follow up for existing patients (approximately 15 minutes) – cost: £200
    • If you are an existing patient and you require a follow up appointment, for example, to go through test results, 15 minutes is usually enough time.
    • This can be done face-to-face or over the phone.
    • If you want to bring up a new problem to discuss, a longer appointment will be more suitable.
  • New problems for existing patients (approximately 30 minutes) – cost £250.
    • To go through a new issue thoroughly needs extra time. As doctors we are taught that 80% of the time the diagnosis is made from the history alone, 15% of the time from the examination, and 5% from investigations.
    • Patients need to be allowed time to tell their story and listening for longer allows a good doctor to get closer to the real diagnosis, avoiding unnecessary tests and investigations from rushed consultations.
  • Medication review (approximately 30 minutes), cost: £150.
    • It is good practice to dedicate an appointment to review the medications you are taking on at least an annual basis.
    • This is to ensure you are on the correct doses; to ensure relevant blood tests required for your medications are performed; to review any potential side-effects; to review compliance; and to prescribe your new stock of medication.
    • You may be taking a lot of medication and find it hard to remember when to take them all. We can speak to your pharmacist and arrange user-friendly ways of taking your medicines, or ask our pharmacist to assist you.
  • Routine medical screening/check up (see ‘Check-ups’ tab for more details)
    • If you are otherwise fit and well and want to have a medical check up, then this is the most appropriate service.
    • A full check up includes:
      • Initial consultation to discuss health issues including full examination. You may require other tests below.
        • Well-man and well-woman blood tests
        • Urine analysis
        • Electrocardiogram – an electrical trace of the heart
        • Spirometry – a test of lung function
        • Mammogram (for breast cancer screening)
        • Faecal occult blood test (for bowel cancer screening)
        • Sexual health screening.
  • Repeat prescriptions – cost: £50
    • If you are an existing patient and we have up-to-date records of your medicines, we can write a repeat prescription without the need of a consultation. This can be sent to a chemist of your choice or picked up from the clinic or we can post it out to you.

It takes time to ensure you can safely have more medicine. For example, kidney function or liver function tests may need to be updated before it is safe to say that it is fine to keep taking your medication

  • Home visits – cost: £350.
    • If you have a medical issue and would like Dr Tawfik to visit you or a member of your family at home, then this service is most appropriate.
    • He will see you with the necessary medical equipment at hand to perform detailed medical assessments in the comfort of your own home.
    • Certain examinations or investigations may not be possible; however, and if you are very unwell, an ambulance and assessment in hospital might be the right thing for you.
    • This service runs from 10am-10pm, Monday to Saturday, subject to Dr Tawfik’s availability.
    • Postcodes covered include most of the following districts unless they are south of the River Thames: N, NW, SW, W, WC, EC.

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