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Anterior Lumbar Fusion (ALIF)

Anterior Lumbar Spine Fusion (ALIF) is an advanced technique using minimally invasive methods to replace a degenerate disc causing back pain. It avoids cutting spinal muscles on the back of the spine and leads to much quicker recovery and less problems at adjacent levels. It is perfectly suited for slim patients, females, disc degeneration without trapped nerves. Our specialists are highly experienced at this technique.

Less Invasive Spinal Surgery using the anterior (going from the front of the body) approach

Harley Street Hospital offers expert surgical procedures, such as the anterior lumbar fusion surgery for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Anterior lumbar fusion can help relieve pain in the lower back and legs, but also for stabilising the spine. This procedure involves fusing 2 or more vertebrae of the lower back by using a bone graft material. This is done by means of an incision in the front (anterior) part of the body.

Only surgeons with specialist experience are able to perform this surgery.

Fusion procedure:
– An incision of three to five inches is made in the abdomen to reach the spine. 

-The most part of the disc (which is damaged) is extracted from between the 2 vertebrae.

-The bone graft is placed. It is usually placed inside a device called a “cage”. The cage filled with bone graft is placed into space (between the 2 vertebrae).

After the cage is placed in the disk space, your surgeon may add stability to your spine by using a plate or screws to hold the cage in place. In some cases, this may be done through the same incision. 

-To keep the spine stable while the bone graft fuses with the vertebrae, a metal plate can be added which will stay there permanently. As time goes on,  the bone graft material will increase on and around the implant, giving stability to the spine.

-The incision is closed with stitches, staples, or surgical glue.

-In other cases, however, your surgeon may need to place additional screws to the back of your spine through a separate incision. Before your procedure, your surgeon will talk with you about what which option will work best in your case

You can rely on the excellent Harley Street Hospital team to perform an intervertebral lumbar fusion surgery.  We offer the newest surgical treatments aimed at a great variety of chronic and acute back and neck pain, as well as other conditions.

Since we are very experienced in this field and the fact that we have the most advanced equipment, technology, and surgical techniques, we are able to provide excellent results for all our patients. Our specialized staff is willing to assist people who endure chronic or acute low back pain and other symptoms related to degenerative disc disease to get long-term pain relief and a better quality of life.

It is worth to mention that orthopedic spine surgeons at the Harley Street Hospital are worldwide recognized specialists who have performed a huge variety of procedures, such as the aforementioned anterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery and have used this advanced surgical procedure to help many people relieve long-term chronic and acute low back pain. Besides, the success rate for this surgery is very high, and the patient´s recovery is satisfactory.

At Harley Street Hospital, we have the best doctors to perform ALIF. Book a consultation to get a specialist´s opinion.

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